Guillaume Balas, National coordinator of Génération.s

Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left

Maite Mola, Vice-President of the European Left

Georgi Pirinski, former MEP S&D

Ernest Urtasun, MEP, Vice-President of the Green/EFA

Sara Vilà i Galan, Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds

Building together a New Hope for Europe

Europe is facing a time of darkness and great challenges. Social inequality is abruptly growing, 22.4% of the European population is in a risk of poverty, the climate change produced by the unrestrained growth of capitalism is threatening our planet and lives, and the poisonous ideologies of the far right are fostering sentiments of fear and anger that produce isolation and unacceptable acts of violence, while a new and unchecked arms race is turning into a real and growing threat to peace.

It is time to build a new path of hope. The people deserve a better future. We are determined to rebuild an alternative of social, ecological, democratic and feminist progress for Europe. This is why after the success of the first gathering in Marseille (2017), the last one in Bilbao (2018), the European Forum is now coming to Brussels for its third edition. Save the date: we will be in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts from the 8th to the 10th of November.

The European Forum is organised by forces from three political families from European left, Greens and Socialists which, together with civil society, have the will to build a permanent cooperation and convergent actions against rising inequalities, the accumulation of wealth and tax evasion that continue to benefit the few, the growth of military spending, and discrimination and racism.

We are mobilised for the climate, social justice, a new economy respectful of humans and the planet, civil liberties, the rights of women and the reception of migrants. It is with this spirit that we frame the 2019’s program of the event: the three-days-gathering will have guests coming from all over the world and with different political background which will address together, in more than 15 plenaries and workshop, the challenges of today’s Europe.