Supporters 2017

around hundred parties, organisations, trade unions, movements, associations from more than 30 countries:

ADEDY, Public Servants Confederation (Greece)

AKEL (Cyprus)

Alliance for Green Socialism (UK)

Altra Europa con Tsipras (Italy)

Association for assistance to precarious and immigrant populations (France)


Belarusian party of the Left «Fair World» (Belarus)


Bloco de Esquerda (Portugal)

Bulgarian Left (Bulgaria)

Catalunya en comu (Spain)

CCFD solidarity earth (France)

CGT (France)

Comisiones Obreras (Spain)

Common Good Network (Italy)

Communist Party of Finland (Finland)

Communist Party of Spain (Spain)

Communist Party Wallonie Brussels (Belgium)

Communist Students Union (France)

Convergenza Socialista (Italy)

Déi lénk (Luxembourg)

Demain (Belgium)

Die Linke (Germany)


Ensemble (France)

Espace Marx (France) • Estonian United Left Party (Estonia)

EUiA (Spain)

Europe Ecology – The Greens (France)

European Left

European Trade Union Confederation

FARC (Colombia)

FGTB Metallurgy (Belgium)

FMLN (El Salvador)

Fondation Gabriel Péri (France)

Foro de Sao Paulo

French Communist Party (France)

French Socialist Party (France)

FSU (France)

Fundación Perseu Abramo (Brasil)

Global Social Justice

Green Left (UK)

GUE/NGL, European Parliament

Hungarian Worker’s Party 2006 (Hungary)

Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds (Spain)

Institute for Alternative Policies ENA (Greece)

Intal Solidarity Movement (Belgium)

Izquierda Unida (Spain)

KPÖ (Autria)

KSCM (Czech Republic)

Labour Party (UK)

Leciva (Slovenia)

Left Alliance (Finland)

Left Unity (UK)

M1717 (France)

Marxist Left (Germany)

Migrante Europe

New Cyprus Party YKP (Cyprus)

New Left (Croatia)

Nicos Poulantzas Insitute (Greece)

Palestinien Démocratie Union (Palestine)

Partito della Rifondazione Comunista (Italy)

Party of Democratic socialism (Czech Republic)

Podemos (Spain)

Progressive Caucus, European Parliament

PSUV (Venezuela)

RAZEM (Poland)


Red Green Alliance (Denmark)

Rosa Luxembourg Fondation

Roter Baum (Germany)

S&D, European Parliament

Secours Populaire (France)

Sinistra Italiana (Italy)

Sinn Féin (Ireland)

Socialist Popular Alliance (Egypt)

Solidarity for All (Greece)

Solidarity Women (France)

Stop the War (UK)

Stop TTIP Campaign

Swiss Party of Labour (Switzerland)

SYRIZA (Greece)


Youth (Greece)

The Red Party – Rødt (Norway)

Trade Unionist Network Europe TUNE

Transform !europe

UNEF (France)

United Cyprus

Party (BKP) (Cyprus)

Verdi (Germany)

Workers Party (Brasil)

Workers’ Party of Belgium (Belgium)

Young European Socialists

Young greens (Austria)

Youth Communist (France)